Its Never Too Late To Start

Are you caught between Quarter life crisis or Mid Life Crisis? Do you ever think that it’s too late for you to start anything? When you graduate college, with expectations from parents on your shoulders, seeing teenage CEOs in the news can make you feel like a late bloomer. Even at 25. Looking at the biographies of top 100 founders on the Forbes List shows that 35 is the most common age to start one of the top companies in the world.

Still not convince? Check few example below of famous companies started by their founders when there were between 35 to 40 yrs.

WilliamProcter started Procter&Gamble at 35
WilliamBoeing started Boeing at 35
MarcBenioff started Salesforce at 35
J. C.Jacobsen started Carlsberg at 36
NamiheiOdaira started Hitachi at 36
ReidHoffman started LinkedIn at 36
RowlandMacy started Macy’s at 36
DorisFisher started Gap at 37
MiltonHershey started Hershey’s at 37
HugoBoss started Hugo Boss at 38
MasaruIbuka started Sony at 38
WayneHughes started Public Storage at 38
MinKao started Garmin at 39
CherWang started HTC at 39
AmancioOrtega started Zara (Inditex) at 39
GordonMoore started Intel at 39
LiuChuanzhi started Lenovo at 39

never too late to start infographic

Source : Funders and Founders / Featured Image : More Than Words



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