Coolest Cooler: 21st Century Cooler that’s Actually Cooler

In our previous post we have covered smart suitcase, smart helmet. Now its time for cooler, coolest cooler. This one is actually became most popular among other innovation. Coolest Cooler is chosen as Top 25 Best Invention of 2014 by Time Magazine.

Brief excerpt from Time Magazine,

For more than 60 years, coolers have done a fine job putting party refreshments on ice. But that wasn’t good enough for Ryan Grepper. “We wanted the cooler to be a place where people gather—to have all the things that make a space somewhere you’d want to hang out,” says the former medical sales rep.

The result is the world’s smartest all-purpose party starter. It stores food and drinks, sure. But it also touts a blender (“for vodkaritas,” Grepper offers), an LED lid light (“to see if you’re reaching for beer or Clamato juice”), a USB charger (“so nobody’s phone dies”), a Bluetooth speaker (for tunes) and big wheels designed to navigate many terrains (beach, parking lot). “I just want to make the coolest cooler out there,” says Grepper. Hence the name: Coolest Cooler.

Coolest cooler is  the world’s first rolling cooler with a built-in blender, Bluetooth speakers, and all the other nice touches you’ve been hoping for (but never found) on your average coolers.

Some of the feature Coolest cooler has,


Coolest Cooler


Waterproof Wireless Speakers

Coolest Cooler

USB Charger

Coolest Cooler


Some more features

Coolest Cooler

Since this product  first appeared on Kickstarter earlier this year, roughly 63,000 backers have contributed $13.3 million to make it a reality. It’s now the most funded creation in the site’s history, besting hits like the Pebble smart watch and Oculus Rift’s virtual-reality glasses.

Source : Kickstarter



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