Bluesmart – World’s First Smart, Connected Suitcase

What is Bluesmart?

Bluesmart is a high-quality carry-on suitcase that you can control from your phone, like a boss. From the app you can lock and unlock it, weigh it, track its location, be notified if you are leaving it behind and find out more about your travel habits. You can also charge your phone 6 times over with a built-in battery. Isn’t that awesome?

No more luggage nightmares to spoil your trips. With Bluesmart, you will travel smarter and be the coolest kid in the airport.

Bluesmart has cool features that every modern travelers need. The Bluesmart carry-on connects to your smartphone, enabling features that will forever change the way you travel.


1. Lock and unlock from your phone

Bluesmart Suitcase

We all know nothing can ruin a trip like losing your luggage and its contents. Put your mind at ease knowing that you can lock your suitcase via your smartphone; if you get separated from your Bluesmart, it will lock automatically. Access can be shared with people you trust, and you will be notified anytime someone attempts to open the suitcase.

2. Built-in Digital Scale

Bluesmart Suitcase

Forget about checking your bag! Bluesmart has a built-in digital scale so you can find out its weight and whether it’s approved by the airline. Just pull the handle and the app will tell you if you are ok to go.

3. Built-in Battery to recharge your devices

Bluesmart Suitcase

You need to Instagram your trip, so we know how important it is to have your phone charged at all times. That’s why we’ve included a super powerful battery charger that can charge two devices – whether it is your smartphone, tablet or ebook – at the same time. The suitcase battery will enable you to recharge your smartphone six times over.

4. Distance Alert

Bluesmart Suitcase

You don’t want to lose this baby. Thanks to the proximity sensors, you will receive alerts when you are separated from your Bluesmart. You can also locate your Bluesmart with a proximity heat map and receive a reminder of the last recorded location. Take that, James Bond.

5. Location Tracking

Bluesmart Suitcase

If you ever lose your Bluesmart (how dare you!) or if it gets “re-routed”, the Bluesmart network will help you track the location of your suitcase. As the network grows, we will cover the whole planet.

6. Handy access to your electronic devices

Bluesmart Suitcase

Let’s be honest, going through airport security sucks. So we made it extremely easy to access your electronics with a compartment at the front of the suitcase, specially designed to hold and protect your laptop and tablet. You’ll breeze through airport security like George Clooney in that movie. (Guess the movie and reply in comments below!!!!)

7. Real time reports with trends

Bluesmart Suitcase

The data shows that you’re a jetsetter. Get real-time reports with trends and data from your trips, including miles traveled, airports visited, time spent in each country, and more through the Bluesmart app.

One more thing

Bluesmart Suitcase

There is also apps for the smartwatch users out there, so you can control your suitcase right from your wrist and be the ultimate travel baller.

Source : Indiegogo


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